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Nature and scope of our services

The Firm has expertise in and covers all the main areas of Law, particularly those connected with companies. Specifically, the Firm is regularly involved in providing advice inbusiness, tax, accounting, corporate, civil and administrative matters and filing and defending lawsuits arising in relation to any such matters. The Firm also has wide-ranging experience in Arbitrations.

Within the field of business advice, the Firm has wide-ranging experience in planning for, managing, advising on and putting in place restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, demergers and joint venture agreements for companies in manifold industries, including, but not limited to, the Firm's direct involvement in corporate mergers in such industries, inter alia, as real estate, quality control, automotive, laboratories and chemical, textile manufacturing and paper distribution. The Firm also offers comprehensive advice covering all issues related to the taxation of such transactions.

Tax advice, covering both individuals and corporate bodies, the Firm features tax advice and planning for companies (including SMEs and family businesses) with respect to the various applicable direct and indirect taxes, corporate restructurings (mergers, demergers, exchanges of securities, etc.), making the most of legal vehicles best suited to clients for managing their wealth and carrying out their activities from a global business perspective (market, costs, finances, taxation, etc...), analysis concerning international planning and structures and Foreign Securities Holding Companies, Taxation of Foundations, procedures at the Tax Agency's Inspection and Management Service in any inquiries made about all applicable taxes, preparing and filing administrative claims and appeals to the Tax Authorities and then on appeal to the courts, preparing questions for and completing procedures with the Ministry of Finance and the General Directorate of Taxation, advising on EU law, specifically on the subject of applicable Directives in Taxation matters, advising on International Taxation, focusing particularly on the analysis and application of International Agreements and the analysis of Special Tax Systems, regulations of Autonomous Communities and Municipal Taxation.

As for accounting advice, in support of the tax advice referred to above, services include preparing accounts for companies, trusts, partnerships etc…, preparing specific charts of accounts adapted to clients’ needs, preparing and, as the case may be, submitting Corporation Tax, VAT and other returns, studying and analysing in particular all appropriate fiscal adjustments, preparing and, as the case may be, submitting all statutory information returns for all entities, preparing and submitting, as the case may be, the statutory books of account and annual financial statements to the relevant bodies, providing accounting advice in corporate restructuring processes, reviewing and analysing the accounts in general and preparing written reports and budgets to subsequently analyse deviations, and managing accounting and tax documentation for companies.

The Firm has wide-ranging experience in the field of Civil procedure and contentious-administrative Law, and in national and international Arbitrations, and several of its members are Arbitrators in various Courts of Arbitration, including the Court of Arbitration of Madrid and the Civil and Commercial Court of Arbitration.

Another traditional feature of the Firm is its experience in exclusively civil matters and in providing specific advice to individuals and families.

The Firm also stands out for its specialisation in the field of Foundations and Patronage, and our clients include national and foreign foundations operating in Spain.

Our firm has wide-ranging experience in Securities Market transactions and other aspects related to the National Securities Market Commission and provides advice to various Spanish and foreign Brokers and Broker-Dealers, Investment Funds and Undertakings for Collective Investment.

The Firm is also particularly active in matters connected with International investments and relations, whether they are Spanish investments abroad or foreign investments in Spain, and in all the trade-related aspects of the financial sector, where full, efficient advice is increasingly on demand.

At present, the Firm provides legal advice in Spain to many international multinational corporations with business interests in Spain and to Spanish companies with or without interests in other countries. A list of clients may be provided on request.

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